Walmart Western Union – Do They Do Them?

The answer is yes! Walmart offer a money transfer service in partnership with Western Union. There are many online money transfer services to choose from but Walmart2Walmart and Western Union have been the go-to providers of many customers.

As well as partnering with other companies to offer money transfers, yes walmart does offer Western Union services in many of their stores throughout the USA allowing customers to cash money orders. Read on to find out more.

These two have established reliable reputations so that when it comes to online money transfers, they are the first ones to come in mind. It’s not surprising then that many people are asking the question does walmart have western union? The answer is no western union is a seperate money transfer company however walmart offers their own service called walmart 2 walmart. This walmart money transfer service allows customers to send money from one US Walmart branch to another, instantly.

Western Union’s money transfer service allows customers to transfer money across the globe via online transactions. Which one is better? Read on to find out.

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Using Western Union At Walmart

To transfer money internationally, go to the Western Union’s website. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and the destination country. On the page, you will see the prevailing exchange rate, transfer options, and associated transfer fees.

After you’ve confirmed the transaction, your money will be converted and delivered to the indicated destination (bank or Western Union branch). You may also transact via phone or at any Western Union branch.

Walmart2Walmart To Transfer Money Within USA

To transfer money domestically via Walmart2Walmart, go to the money transfer service office at any Walmart branch. On the form, write the amount you wish to send and the destination sate. Then pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. Within minutes, your recipient will be able to get the money at the specified Walmart branch.

You can also use the Walmart Mobile Express Money App to initiate your transaction before you head to a Walmart branch and pay bills to accredited merchants.

For international money transfers, Walmart partnered with MoneyGram to establish Walmart2World. This service is different from Walmart2Walmart which is powered by RIA.


Here are the fees for using western union on international money transfers and Walmart2Walmart for transfers within the United States:

Western Union

Fees are not fixed and based on the amount your sending, the mode of transfer, and the money transfer destination. Fees can range from $5 to $45.


With Walmart2Walmart its $4 for money transfers up to $50, $8 for money transfers from $51 to $1000, and $16 for money transfers from $1001 to $2500.

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Exchange Rates

Here are the exchange rates for the two money transfer services:

Western Union

The mid-market rate dictates the exchange rate that will be used in your money transfer transaction at Western Union. The rate is usually pegged up to 6% of the mid-market rate.

For example, if you’re sending money that will be converted to Euros (EUR):

  • Mid-market rate is $1=0.95 EUR
  • Western Union will apply $1 = 0.88 EUR to your money transfer
  • Walmart2Walmart. Only domestic transactions are processed at Walmart2Walmart

Transfer Speed

Western Union. Transfer speed varies, depending on the mode of transfer you will choose. If you transact at a Western Union branch, the money will be sent instantly but will cost more. If you choose the cheaper modes of transfer, the money will be sent within five days or more. The money will be sent to your recipient’s branch within 10 minutes or less.

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Payment Options

Below are the payment options for both Walmart To Walmart and Western Union:

Western Union

  • Bank transfer
  • credit card
  • debit card
  • cash


  • Cash
  • credit card
  • debit card

Delivery Options

Below are the delivery options for both Western Union and Walmart2Walmart:

Western Union

The money will be released at the recipient’s Western Union branch or Walmart branch, bank transfer, and e-wallet.


The money will be released at Walmart outlets only.

Does Walmart Cash Western Union Money Orders

Walmart won’t allow customers to cash Western Union money orders in 2023. At this time, Walmart offers its customers alternative cashing product and other services including global money transfers. Many local retail stores, banks, and pharmacies that have a Western Union office will be more than happy to cash them.

Other Common Questions (FAQ’s):

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions around the walmart western union service.

Which service is cheaper Moneygram or Western Union?

MoneyGram is cheaper and faster than Western Union, but your experience may vary depending on the specific transfer. You should compare WU to Moneygram because there are so many variables involved in a money transfer.

How much are the Western Union fees at Walmart?

The fee structure at Walmart2Walmart is clear and concise with two different pricing tiers. The first tier holds a $4.50 transfer fee for transactions under $50, while the second has an option to send money up to $900 but comes with a higher price of fees starting at 9 dollars 50 cents (9.5).

Does the mid-market rate stay the same?

No, the currency exchange mid-market rate always fluctuates. It’s best to check online the prevailing mid-market rate before your transaction so you can compare rates.

Is it safe to transfer money online?

Federal protections have been set to protect customers of international money transfer services. To be safe, always choose to transact with reputable companies.

Can I pick up money sent via Western Union at Walmart?

Yes, you can pick up the money sent to you from Western Union at any Walmart branch specified by your sender.

Verdict – Which Online Money Transfer Service Is For You?

Walmart2Walmart’s speedy delivery is impressive however, the service is limited to domestic money transfers only. On the other hand, Western Union enables customers to send money to different countries via its 500,000 locations around the world.