MySupermarket UK App – Compare Supermarkets

The MySupermarket app has taken online shopping to a whole new level. This time it gives consumers the ability to compare the cost of their grocery baskets at other retailers. So if you’re shopping at Tesco, you might find out through the MySupermarket app that you can get a better deal at Waitrose.

With knowledge comes power, and certainly, MySupermarket has tilted the balance of power toward the consumer. Now, with app uploaded, you have more options at your disposal.

The app is easy to use. Once you download MySupermarket, the program will run in your mobile device or PC. The app will immediately recognize the URLs of top-level retailers such as Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Ocado, and Sainsbury’s.

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You might decide to go to another retailer or find out from the app how to generate more savings simply by exchanging some brands for other brands that offer more affordable yet still high- quality products.

What Is MySupermarket?

Founded in 2006, MySupermarket was intended to help shoppers make well-informed and educated decisions by giving them all the information they need on pricing and products.

The company describes MySupermarket as more than just a price comparison website. It maintains its independence from the nationwide chains of groceries and supermarkets and claims their service has helped consumers reduce their grocery bill by more than 30%.

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MySupermarket works by collecting data on prices from the biggest supermarket chains in the U.K. The company makes sure all data on pricing is regularly updated because it is aware that supermarkets like to keep consumers off-guard by frequently changing the price of many items. When visiting the MySupermarket website, you might decide to avail of the following features:

Swap & Save

The site will let you know if you can swap a product on your grocery basket with another brand that is cheaper.

• Import Favourites – Even while shopping a MySupermarket, you can still buy products from a favourite supermarket.

• Savvy Shop – Take a sneak peek into the Savvy Shop shelf where you can find items that are very attractively priced!

• Quick Shop – If you are in a hurry, simply Copy ‘n’ Paste your shopping list onto the Quick Shop notepad and let MySupermarket do the rest!

using mysupermarket app

According to MySupermarket, their website receives an estimated 5 million visitors every month. In the U.K alone, the company claims that more than 200,000 households use their service to generate cost savings from grocery shopping.

If you want to save money – and who doesn’t? – then consider getting the MySupermarket app on your mobile device or PC.