Permanent TSB PTSB Exchange Rates:

This will attract a new charge of €8.50 per cheque that will be paid if the bank accepts it. Additionally extra charges will be applied by the bank on which the cheque is drawn from.

Transferring money from UK accounts to PTSB in Ireland can help you attain the very best UK pound to euro currency exchange rates. Permanent TSB foreign exchange rates will vary over time so a currency broker is an excellent alternative for sending money from the UK to the bank, as it will save money and time on the transaction. A great alternative if you are unbanked is the walmart to walmart transfer tracking service.

Cheque Charges

On the 26.8.2013 the bank announced that all cheques from banks external to the Republic of Ireland (precluding euro, Sterling, and USD drawn on United Kingdom Banks) will be marked ‘special collection’ to the Bank on which are drawn.

These ‘special collection’ cheques are not cleared to the payee’s bank account until all funds are received and cleared by permanent tsb. If the aren’t in Euro currency, an exchange rate will be brought to bear on the transaction at whatever rate is relevant on that day. Also starting 26.8.2013 any traveller cheques will be processed only for permanent tsb customers.

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Calculating exchange rates & commission charges

Having done a lot of research trying to find a calculator and charges applied by the bank on foreign exchange it seems they don’t publish it. In order to find out at any time I would advise to either call them on 1890 500 121 or +353 1 212 4101.

About the bank based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Permanent tsb is a bank in Ireland that provides a wide range of quality banking services including savings and deposit accounts, online banking, and mortgages to Irish and overseas business and private clienteles. Formerly known as Irish life and permanent, permanent tsb group Holdings PLC was bought out by the Irish government and later renamed Permanent TSB group. The group received a boost of 2.7 billion euro of capital from the Ireland’s government; this brought the bank into majority state ownership. Currently, the bank has over a million clients in Ireland and offer credit cards, 24 hr banking and internet banking.

24/7 Online banking with open 24 service

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If you have any enquiries about your bank account with permanent TSB they have a service named ‘open24.’ This 24 hour banking service allows customers to pay bills, transfer money, manage accounts and much more all online. Login with the open24 number to get through to deal with all day to day banking such as finding your IBAN. You can also top up mobile accounts or apply for other services such as overdrafts loans and much more. Resetting passwords on the service is also very straightforward. Register from your desktop, ipad or download the app to access from your mobile. Here is a short video giving you an overview of the services:

Jobs at the financial institute

If you are interested in jobs at the bank check out the dedicated page which has all the latest position vacancies at the bank. Click here to see if there is a role you would like to work in.

Bank branch opening hours

Here is a full list of addresses, contact numbers and opening hours of all permanent tsb bank branches in ireland:

Wexford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 53 912 4355
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 53 942 2266
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Waterford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 51 304 000
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Waterford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 51 875 830
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 51 422 060
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
telephone number: +353 58 42955
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 287 6066
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 282 8512
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Midleton, County Cork, Ireland
telephone number: +353 21 463 1871
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Carlow, Ireland
telephone number: +353 59 913 2253
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Kilkenny, Ireland
telephone number: +353 56 772 2969
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland
telephone number: +353 52 612 1666
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Carragaline, County Cork, Ireland
telephone number: +353 21 437 1551
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 280 8557
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

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Stillorgan, County Dublin, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 283 3166
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Dundrum, County Dublin, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 215 7300
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Cork, Ireland
telephone number: +353 21 436 4666
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 492 3681
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Cork, Ireland
telephone number: +353 21 427 7555
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Dublin 6, Ireland
telephone number: +353 1 497 6233
Branch opening hours: 10AM–5PM

Euro currency FX transfer to a ptsb bank in Ireland

Transferring funds to or from euro using a bank service could lead to loss of thousands of pounds. This could be due to the poor FX margin ratio offered. A better alternative is the private currency brokers since they offer a much more competitive exchange rate. For instance, one of the leading and largest currency specialists in the UK, currency broker TorFX, has assisted businesses and private customers with their foreign currency transfers to and from most countries across the world.

Typical exchange rates

Typical bank foreign exchange rates vary from 1.9 to 6.2 percent while the FX rate at the Permanent TSB is 5.0 percent. TorFX has their foreign exchange at 0.7 percent.

It is important to note that a lower foreign exchange rate gives better exchange rates while you are transferring funds to or from euro. Additionally, foreign exchange specialists can help you save time and money on any transfers.

Money transfer commissions when abroad

When sending money abroad into another account, high street banks charge a commission fee. Usually, the prices range from £15 to £30 depending on the bank. Typically, private brokers do not charge any commission over the value of £5,000 or 5866.173 euros.

Time taken

For your money to reach the destination bank, high street banks usually take 3 to 7 days. However, an exception is made if you pay a premium to the bank. On the other hand, a private foreign exchange group usually takes 1 to 3 days to complete the transaction.

Currency converter

The bank will use their own rates based on the The European Central Bank. If you want to look at the best rates check the following currency converter:

Sending funds abroad with Permanent TSB

To send money abroad from your Permanent TSB, one is required to give the IBAN and BIC of the beneficiary to the bank. The Permanent TSB group offers two types of transfers:

Euro transfers:

these are transfers that are exclusively in euros for amounts not exceeding 50,000 euros. The transactions are within the European Union and should include the specific bank details of the beneficiaries, that is, IBAN and BIC.

International transfers:

these are transfers to countries outside or within the European Union. In these transactions, BIC or IBAN are not required. If you have signed a request at the local permanent TSB branch, your international transfer request can be submitted by fax.

With more than a million clients, the Irish bank avails various quality banking services ranging from deposits, savings, to mortgages. It offers euro transfers (within the European Union) and international transfers (for nations outside the European Union).