Ria Money Transfer

Ria (often misspelled as Rya or Riya money transfer) is the third largest global money transfer company. Since 1987 we have endeavored successfully to provide a cost effective, secure and fast alternative to send money to the families and loved ones of our customers worldwide through our extensive network of thousands of authorized agents distributed across the globe.


Ria is backed by Euronet which means that when you send money at an authorized Ria agent or partner location your money is secured by Ria and Euronet.

It’s easy

You can go directly to an authorized Ria agent or store or use riamoneytransfer.com or in some countries call us. The choice is yours.

Cost effective

When our customers have been surveyed in the past, they found that Ria has reliably been one of the least expensive ways to send money worldwide. To get an accurate estimate call us today or fill out an estimation form.

How it works

First, choose how you will send money: online or at an authorized agent location or in some countries over the phone. Ones you tell us who the money is going to and where they’ll pick it up your transfer is on its way. In fact, money travels to its destination in only 10 minutes. It’s that easy. Ria. Sending money made easy.