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Established in 2003 by leading industry specialists, Omnex Group Inc., is a mid-sized banking institution that specializes in money transfers. It operates as a subsidiary of Nexxar Group Inc. and has its headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The group has a comprehensive network with over 66,000 payout locations present in more than 115 countries. Over the years, Omnex has obtained its financing from various large financial institutions, private equity, and investment partners such as Oak Investment Partners, FT Ventures, Scotia Bank, TD Capital, Mort Meyerson, Washington Mutual, and Key Venture Partners.

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What Omnex Does

Omnex, strive to achieve a leadership niche by providing superior money transfer services at lower costs.
They offer money transfer services to unbanked and underserved individuals such as immigrant communities from all over the world, but who are currently residing in the US, Canada, and Europe.

They have a vast knowledge about currency fluctuations in the foreign markets, and consequently offer some of the favorable exchange rates in the industry. This ensures that their clients get more returns for their foreign currency. Moreover, they leverage their knowledge of the business to customize solutions such as ethnic packages.

Sharemoney brand

In all their locations across the globe, they market their services with a grass-root approach in order to handle all transactions efficiently and swiftly. This grant their clients a convenient means to send money to their loved ones via money transfer union they can trust— Sharemoney is not all about transferring money, they transfer money for people!

Satisfaction and safety for their clienteles’ hard-earned savings is their core focus. It has steered us to enhance their technology, customer services, and exchange rates to meet their clients’ expectations. They have also installed internet cafes with a serene atmosphere that make transferring funds quick and enjoyable business. They are enable their clients to talk to their loved ones face to face via the web while sending them the funds. their clients can also enjoy other services such as prepaid phone cards, ticket master to Vietnamese entertainment, cell phone rental, travel services, and catalog gift services.

Omnex subsidiaries

Over the years, Omnex has grown globally by strategically acquiring reputable money transfer companies with trusted ethnic brands and incorporating them into the Omnex network. The acquisitions include:

Sharemoney money transfers

Sharemoney is Omnex group’s online international money transfer service. It specifically aims at easing money transfer to immigrants who resides in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The service enables them to send funds to their loved ones all around the world. Some of the advantages of the Share Money services are:

  • Low transfer fees that start at $2.99
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Safe door-to-door delivery
  • Thousands of locations for cash pickup
  • Fast services, money can be sent in as little as two minutes
  • Vast network of partner banks
  • Sharemoney transfers money to several countries at no cost to the recipient
  • Support team is accessible via phone or email in Spanish and English for optimal convenience

Giromex money transfers

Giromex offers money transfer services in Mexico and Central America. The group’s competitive fees, exchange rates, and excellent customer service is unparalleled in the industry.Giromex give each transaction personal attention and care and thus, earning their clienteles’ loyalty. their low fees mean that their clients retain more of their hard-earned money and with Sharemoney, they allow their customers to send funds swiftly and securely via the Internet.
They also have an extensive payout network that includes major banking institutions such as HSBC, independent institutions such as Crefimex, and Fedecredito among others in Central America.

UNO Forex money transfers

Omnex offers foreign currency transfer services In manhattan NYC under the brand ‘UNO.’ UNO has one of the most reliable and extensive networks of payers and transfer agents. It has roughly 1400 locations in Canada and U.S., and thousands of paying points in South, Central, and North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The omnex group branch in manhattan

UNO take pride on the commitments they pledge to the communities they serve. They offer affordable, accurate, and fast money transfers worldwide and employ the latest technology to achieve maximum efficiency and competitive rates. their customers have driven their success in the past, and they believe they will fortify their growth in the future. Therefore, UNO commits to showing abiding support for their agents and offering personal attention for their clients.

UNO has launched the online money transfer service. You can now take advantage of low fees and convenient delivery methods to send funds to the Dominican Republic and Brazil via Sharemoney. They acknowledge that it’s not just about transferring money; it’s about transferring funds for people!

Le Goi Tien Le

Le Goi Tien Le (LE), a trademark of Omnex group, is a premier trusted brand in fund transmittal to Vietnam. With 7 branches and more than 170 agent locations in Canada and the United States, They offer the convenience of sending funds to Vietnam and specialize in home delivery in 64 provinces. their payers personally deliver money to the sender’s beneficiary.

le goi tien

They offer a generous discount to individuals sending funds to distinctive religious groups in Vietnam. Moreover, they have sponsored several charities and cultural events like the TET festival and program to help the disadvantaged in Vietnam. Le goi ten now offers clients a convenient way to send funds online through Sharemoney. They believe that the best thing about earning money is sharing it and therefore, you’ll enjoy the speed, security, affordability, and convenience of Sharemoney.

Omnex compliance with law

The group has licenses from the appropriate authorities in the jurisdictions where it runs, including all countries and the 48 states in the US where it operates. For instance, the California Department of Financial Institutions has licensed Le as a money transmitter. Omnex group has comprehensive compliance programs, such as limit setting, transaction monitoring, credit scoring, and daily and real-time reporting to ensure adherence to rules and regulations.

Additionally, they have internal compliance teams based in the European and US service centers, which ensure that all their transactions are carried out in agreement with the regulation requirements of the jurisdictions where they operate.
Today, with Omnex Group, sending money anywhere in the world is just a matter of few clicks. Presenting competitive exchange rates, advanced technology, and low fees, transferring cash is now a fast, safe, and hassle-free process!