Complete Guide on Walmart Customer Service Hours

If Walmart is your go-to shopping destination, you might have wondered about their customer service timings.

This article is crafted to give you an in-depth understanding of Walmart’s service timings, based on both personal encounters and thorough research. So, let’s dive in.

Understanding Walmart’s Service Timings

Walmart’s customer service schedules can differ depending on the store location. However, a majority of them operate between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Discovering Walmart Service Desk Operational Hours

For the most accurate service hours:

  • Use the Walmart Store Locator on their official website.
  • Refer to the Walmart mobile application.
  • Contact Walmart directly via their helpline.

Walmart Customer Service: Key Services

Walmart’s dedicated service desks offer a myriad of services, including:

  • Product Returns
  • Employee Feedback and Complaints
  • Store-related Issues
  • Theft Reporting
  • Stock Availability Inquiries
  • Price Matching
  • Money Services
  • Stamp Purchases
  • Walmart Credit Card Applications

Alternative Ways to Reach Walmart Customer Service

If the in-store desk isn’t available, Walmart provides several alternative service solutions:

  • 24/7 Call Center: Dial 1-800-WALMART for direct assistance.
  • Walmart Mobile App: A hub for a variety of customer services and online shopping.
  • In-store Associates: Approachable staff members available in every aisle to assist with queries and issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Walmart customer service start for the day?

Mostly at 7:00 a.m., but it’s advisable to check online or via a call for specific locations.

When does Walmart customer service conclude for the day?

Generally at 11:00 p.m., but this may vary by store.

What alternatives do I have if the service desk is closed?

You can utilize Walmart’s online chat or drop an email through their website. How can I communicate with Walmart’s customer service? Options include their helpline, live chat, email, or directly at a store.


This guide aims to equip you with all you need about Walmart’s customer service hours. For regular Walmart patrons, considering Walmart Plus can further enhance your shopping experience.