Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Online:

Ever wondered if you can send cash online with Walmart? Well look no further as sending and wiring online both internationally and domestically is now possible with the Walmart 2 Walmart money tracking and transfer service. Read on to see how to track your money transfers and orders online.

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Walmart, the world’s largest company in terms of revenue, has been keeping busy as of late. One week after announcing that it would diversify into organic food with its line of Wild Oats organic food products, the multinational retailing giant has decided to enter the money movement services business with its latest venture, Walmart-2-Walmart Cash Transfer Service. A global money remittance service which allows simple money transfers allowing people to send money to each other avoiding costly payday loans, overdrafts etc.

How To Get Order Started

To complete an order all you need to do is to fill out the form with the amount, recipient’s name and identify the state where the money will be sent. Within a few minutes after paying with either cash,credit card or debit card, your friend or relative will receive the currency at any store:

We tried the service out and it is simple and easy to access the service. It allows any customer in the USA to send money from state to state. This can be used to wire cash to family and friends who would perhaps otherwise have to seek other sources of raising cash such as payday cash loans, high APR credit cards or even worse expansive cash advance loans.

How Does It Work?

Rather than read the help files on walmart’s website we decided to go through the whole process. Below is our breakdown on what we did:

Sending, Transfering & Cash Pickup At Walmart Money Center:

In order to create the service for its customers the famous US store set up a partnership with the firm ria cash transfer, the company which already operates its own service alongside monitoring of money movelement through ria tracking and allows users to send cash and global money remittance. With this new service customers can send from a Walmart money center in stores to any of its 4,000 branches throughout the US in addition to the companies walmart money network which can be accessed here:

True to its reputation of offering the most competitive prices in the market, transfer fees for using Walmart-2-Walmart services are lower than those of other money remit service providers. Read on to find out more info…

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Money Transfer Amount Limits, Transfer Fees & Costs

While its competitors charge $4.75 to $5 for wire transmissions below $50 and $11 to $76 for larger amounts, we were pleased to see customers who use Walmart-2-Walmart money center as it stands in 2018 will only pay $4.50 for cash wires from $50 and a standard charge of $9.50 for amounts between $50 and a maximum USD transmit limit of $900. These are very simple and up front transfer fees avoiding all complications making it easier for you as a customer to know where you stand on costs when wiring currency. No need to look for a transfer fee estimate as these are static.

Daily limits

The daily limit for walmart to walmart now stands at $2,500 up from the previous limit of $900.

Transfer Pick Ups & Walmart 2 Walmart Money Tracking Service:

Now lets see how to use the walmart to walmart reference number and online service to track:

While a wire can be made 24 hours a day 365 days a year and track online, cash deposits and in store pick ups will be down to the individual store opening hours where you can also use the stores money card referred to as their ‘store to store’ service. Checks can be cashed also on Sundays at some stores.

Walmart To Walmart Tracking Online

Whilst there is no specific tracking service we found that there are still ways to track the progress of the transaction. We detail this in full below on using the walmart 2 walmart tracking service. Read on for our full guide:

A unique authorization & walmart to walmart money transfer tracking number assigned to a transaction is required to track the status of it. If you sent the transaction, you can find the confirmation number digits in the email you received when you submitted the transaction online.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Tracking Number

If you are receiving the transaction, you will need to ask your sender for this number. This is a set of digits that corresponds to the activity status.

The walmart reference number is assigned to a transaction when the cash has been sent successfully. For cash pickup transactions, the receiver must have this to pick up the money. Once the user has sent the money they cannot amend anything apart from if there is a mistake on the recipients name.

If you sent the transaction, you can find the digits in the email you received when the money became ready during pickup hours. If you are receiving the transaction, you will need to ask your sender to lookup this number so you can check the status.

Numbers Bank Hours & Locations

To check walmart money center opening times near you, locations and what time the center closes, get access to the form or to get the relevant customer service number refer to their helpline or website. Walmart to Walmart cash refunds and other enquiries can be dealt with on the aforementioned.

Walmart Money Centre Opening Hours

Standard opening hours for walmart money centre are between the hours of 8am (08:00) and 8 pm (20:00) from Monday to Saturday and 10 am (10:00) to 6 pm (18:00) on Sunday according to walmart website.

Send Money Through Cell Phone Money App

Users can also use a tracking money app available on IOS & android to access the service through their cell phones. available on the apple app store or on google play. A unique walmart reference number will be given for each transaction that is made which can be used to track and trace eliminating scams.

Age Requirements

As with any service for moving currency the service is only available to people over the age of 18. Other options to use it would be to have a friend or guardian you trust to do the it for you. They will need to verify their birthdate with a government issued document such as a driver’s license which has a photo. This is something i messed up on originally and had to go home to get it. Don’t make the mistake i made!

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Partnership With Ria & Moneygram:

This is not Walmart’s first foray into this type of service. In 2013, it entered into an arrangement with MoneyGram to offer online and international money transfer services in all Walmart stores throughout the United States. This new partnership with Ria will not affect some of the services already offered as well as moneygram tracking services. This new service has been referred to as a ‘western union style service’ however there is no affiliation with the rival currency movement service.

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In proportion to the rest of its business, financial services only account for 1% of Walmart’s total sales in the US. The company’s decision to fully diversify into the money transfer services industry is to capture the unbanked and underbanked market segments in the US which account for 28% of the population.

RIA Money Tracking

From what we found all of the usual ria money tracking services will be available through this product offered by walmart. You can use this service alongside your normal account with RIA.

Contacting Walmart To Walmart Phone Or Email

Please see the following for customer service and walmart to walmart phone number:

General Enquiries: 1-800-666-3947

Reporting Fraudulent Activity: 1-800-926-9400

Transaction Queries: 1-800-922-7146

Maintaining service

Reports say that the company intends to maintain its partnership with MoneyGram as Walmart-2-Walmart only caters to the local market and in-store transfers. However, according to Rahul Agarwal of Guggenheim Partners, the companies bottom-line will be affected by Walmart’s new financial services product. Presently, a quarter of their revenue comes from its agreement with Walmart.

Impact on share price

When word came out of Walmart’s formal entry into the money transfer services business, shares of MoneyGram International fell by 3.2%. The news sent shockwaves throughout the industry as even Western Union’s shares dropped by 5%. Western Union is one of the largest providers of money transfer services.

Unbanked customers

Unbanked refers to Americans who do not own a bank account. Underbanked is a term that covers Americans who have limited access to the complete suite of financial services normally offered by the bank. Walmart’s new service allows these people to move cash. People who might be struggling with their gas or electricity bills or considering loans can have friends and family wire them cash direct without having a bank account.

The company has high hopes that Walmart-2-Walmart will give customers more reason to patronize Walmart stores. It is also banking on the possibility that customers may decide to use some of the transfer money and do some shopping inside their store.

Walmart to Walmart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from existing customers and people thinking of using the walmart 2 walmart money transfer in store and online service:

Is it possible to track a walmart to walmart money transfer?

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This would depend on what your interpretation of ‘tracking’ is. Walmart do not offer a service that shows you a ‘progress’ report/ However as detailed above the person who has sent the money is given a reference number for the transaction which can be used in store or online. The money transfer is usually completed within a 10 minute timescale. If this hasn’t happened you can use the reference number to contact walmart and see why the money hasn’t arrived.

Is walmart to walmart exactly the same as the moneygram service?

No the service is operated completely separately. The company has had a relationship with Moneygram for many years facilitating international money transfers for Walmart customers. However the walmart2walmart (correct name) is a new service that is operated in conjunction with Ria.

How many digits are there in a Walmart to Walmart tracking number?

Walmart2walmart transfers have a tracking reference number that is 8 digits long. Moneygram money transfers through walmart have a reference number that is 9 digits long. Neither use characters. This can be found on your login.

What is the maximum amount of money you can send via Walmart to Walmart?

The service now lets customers transfer cash up to $2,500 for each individual transfer. Over a 30 day period each customer is allowed to transfer a max amount of $6,000 according to the rules. However if a customer visits a walmart or uses a moneygram agent directly higher limits can be arranged.

What is the time limit for picking up cash from a Walmart To Walmart transfer?

Once the money has been sent to a participating Walmart store the recipient has up to 90 days to pick up the cash according to Walmart’s policy.

Can you transfer online without going into the store?

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Many people ask whether you can send money rather than walking into a walmart store. The principle function of the service is for people to be able to pick up the money in cash in the store. That being said you can send the money online via the website or via the app. However the cash itself in partnered stores.

What is the rule if i have lost the receipt with reference number?

The rules state that the person you have sent the money to will need the reference number info plus proof of identity to retrieve the cash according to their policy to avoid scams. You will need a photo identity such as a driving license or passport. They do not however require the receipt of the sender. If you are the sender and have misplaced or lost the receipt and reference number you will need to contact walmart 2 walmart customer services to retrieve it.

How do i retrieve history of transactions?

You should have a receipt of your transaction in your email. Most email providers are easily searchable so this is a quick and easy way to see your past walmart to walmart money transfers.