Walmart To Walmart – Tracking Money Transfer:

With the walmart to walmart money transfer service a wire can be made 24 hours a day 365 days a year and track online, cash deposits and in shop pickups will be down to the individual outlet opening hours where you can also use the stores cash card referred to as their ‘store to store’ service. Checks can be cashed also on Sundays at some stores.

Walmart To Walmart Tracking Online

Whilst there is no specific tracking service we found that there are still ways to track the progress of the transaction. We detail this in full below on using the walmart 2 walmart tracking service. Read on for our full guide.

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Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Tracking Number:

A unique authorization & walmart to walmart cash transfer tracking number assigned to a transaction is required to track the status of it. If you sent the transaction, you can find the confirmation number digits in the email you received when you submitted the transaction online.

If you are receiving the transaction, you will need to ask your sender for this number. This is a set of digits that corresponds to the order status.

Reference Number

The reference number is assigned to a transaction when the cash has been sent successfully. For cash pickup transactions, the receiver must have this to pick up the money. Once the user has sent the money they cannot amend anything apart from if there is a mistake on the recipients name.

order number digits on board

If you sent the transaction, you can find the digits in the email you received when the money became ready during pickup hours. If you are receiving the transaction, you will need to ask your sender to lookup this number so you can check order status.

Walmart to Walmart Tracking FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the following we answer some of the most common questions about tracking walmart to walmart money transfers:

Is it possible to track a walmart to walmart money transfer?

This would depend on what your interpretation of ‘tracking’ is. Walmart do not offer a service that shows you a ‘progress’ report/ However as detailed above the person who has sent the money is given a reference number for the transaction which can be used in supermarket or online. The money transfer is usually completed within a 10 minute timescale. If this hasn’t happened you can use the reference number to contact them and see why the money hasn’t arrived.

How many digits are there in a Walmart to Walmart tracking number?

Walmart2walmart transfers have a tracking reference number that is 8 digits long. Moneygram money transfers through walmart have a reference number that is 9 digits long. Neither use characters. This can be found on your login.

What is the rule if i have lost the receipt with reference number?

The rules state that the person you have sent the money to will need the reference number info plus proof of identity to retrieve the cash according to their policy to avoid scams. You will need a photo identity such as a driving license or passport. They do not however require the receipt of the sender. If you are the sender and have misplaced or lost the receipt and reference number you will need to contact walmart 2 walmart customer services to retrieve it.